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Fashion Zombie in Lace

Fashion Zombie in Lace masquerade mask

Fashionable Zombie wears a black lace masquerade mask by LacedAndWaisted (adheres to skin; reusable). More colors/styles available @ LacedAndWaisted.com


Lace Tattoo or Masquerade Mask?

Here’s a beautiful example of our black lace tattoo being used to create a unique & fashion-forward look, photographed by the talented photographer/stylist team of Dikka Vega:

steampunk baroque masquerade tattoo costume cosplay fashion

Photo by Dikka Vega

And here’s the same lace tattoo worn as a modern masquerade mask, modeled by one of our beautiful customers:

Gothic Lace Mask adheres to skin by LacedAndWaisted steampunk baroque costume cosplay halloween masquerade ball

Black Lace Tattoo as Masquerade Mask

More from the new America’s Next Top Model shoot featuring LacedAndWaisted

Here’s another shot from the Steampunk photoshoot on the upcoming season of America’s Next Top Model College Edition (August 24th on CW)!

Black lace half mask masquerade mask LacedAndWaisted america's next top model ANTM

LacedAndWaisted masks on ANTM College Edition

LacedAndWaisted featured in upcoming season of America’s Next Top Model

Premiering Friday, August 24th on the CW, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition will feature LacedAndWaisted masks and tattoos!  Watch for them in the beautiful Steampunk themed photoshoot, the fifth shoot of the season.  Here’s a sneak peek:

ANTM features LacedAndWaisted lace masks & tattoos

LacedAndWaisted lace mask on ANTM Cycle 19: College Edition

Bite of Chic gets LacedAndWaisted

Emily is well versed in the art of cutting edge fashion, documenting upcoming fashion and jewelry trends on her popular blog, Bite Of Chic.  Her skill is evident in the styling of her awesome photo shoots, and the resulting photographs make Bite of Chic feel like a smorgasbord of delicious eye candy.  But you don’t have to take our word for it.  Have a peek…

Emily's gorgeous styling

Bite of Chic

It should come as no surprise that we literally shrieked with delight when we saw these STUNNING photos of Emily in our Black Lace Half Mask:

Emily from Bite-of-chic.blogspot.com

Emily from Bite of Chic

This one is my favorite:

Bite of Chic

(via Bite-Of-Chic.blogspot.com)

Lady Gaga’s Lace Mask

via Lace Animal Masks – Check Out Lady Gaga in the Vanguard Issue of 944 (GALLERY).

Steampunk Mardi Gras?

Is there such a thing?  Don’t forget your gear mask.

via  Tom Banwell Connects With Leather-Loving Fans Online (UPDATE) (GALLERY).