Bite of Chic gets LacedAndWaisted

Emily is well versed in the art of cutting edge fashion, documenting upcoming fashion and jewelry trends on her popular blog, Bite Of Chic.  Her skill is evident in the styling of her awesome photo shoots, and the resulting photographs make Bite of Chic feel like a smorgasbord of delicious eye candy.  But you don’t have to take our word for it.  Have a peek…

Emily's gorgeous styling

Bite of Chic

It should come as no surprise that we literally shrieked with delight when we saw these STUNNING photos of Emily in our Black Lace Half Mask:

Emily from

Emily from Bite of Chic

This one is my favorite:

Bite of Chic



One response to “Bite of Chic gets LacedAndWaisted

  1. Love this! You are too sweet! Can’t wait to shoot the NYE story. Ooh la la..


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